New Year’s Eve…

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
a stately pleasure-dome decree,
where Alph, the sacred river, ran
through caverns measureless to man
down to a sunless sea,
so twice five miles of fertile ground
with walls and towers were girdled round.
and there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,
where blossom’d many an incense-bearing tree.
And here were forests as ancient as the hills,
enfolding sunny spots of greenery.

The famous poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge has been (and still is) interpreted in many different ways – but it has been in my life since my schooldays; the meaning developing, the pleasure it brings changing – and I thought of it tonight, the last night of a strange year, a year I am glad to see pass into time.

Have a good New Year…. I am staying in tonight at The Staterooms – a bottle of Rioja is open and I have poured a glass. I am listening to Verdi and see no need to go out 🙂

I may return for a final post this year… but I am composing for the 7th January. At the moment I have cannon to the right and cannon to the left and a lot of horses riding towards destiny. Seemed a good metaphor tonight. Whether it will survive the cold January light…. for publication on the 7th… who knows?


Have a good 2008.

6 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve…

  1. I haven’t met anyone who liked 2007. A young lady on my train home this evening told me it was because it was an odd number. Who knows? Then she asked me about my New Year’s resolutions, and told me hers. Probably my best commute of the year.

    As I have done with everybody else, let me wish you – and all readers, and bloggers – a much better 2008.

  2. I have just adjusted my time zone on the blawg… which was still on BST and not GMT.

    All blawg posts, since the clocks went back, appear to be one hour ahead. No wonder I had the Police Community Support Officers around when they discovered I was posting on my blawg and drinking Rioja at 5.00 in the afternoon. They still haven’t cut my hedge…. poor show.

    Unfortunately, as I write, it is still not 2008. I am sure I will make it to next year’s Sunday Times “Who snuffed it in 8” and, hopefully… beyond… It would be good to see if London does actually get the Olympics together without having to nationalise another Bank.

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