Podcast 35: Geeklawyer…

Today I am talking to Geeklawyer, IP lawyer, blogger, mead drinker and biker. No doubt, he will be able to add to the list. He has been able to put his skills as an advocate to good use on his blawg; describing, fellow blogger Dan Hull of What About Clients? as a “…a depraved evil sociopathic neocon…a beast pretending he loves his clients merely to get into their wallets.”

Most recently, Geeklawyer has been appearing naked in front of judges. He writes on his blog that he was rung up at home by a High Court judge a while ago. It was a profoundly unnerving experience. He had just got out of the bath and was naked, not being accustomed to bathing with any clothes on. The phone rang.

Usually I have some idea where my podcasts will go… today I have absolutely no idea…. Good morning Geeklawyer. I have a glass of Rioja to my right and you will hear me setting fire to Silk Cut cigarettes as the podcast progresses.

Listen to Podcast 35: Geeklawyer

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