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Britain will be closed for the next two and a half weeks because of Christmas. I have therefore decided, with some reluctance, to spend more time with my blawg and take a break from the onerous responsibility of writing about matters legal. Holed up in my Staterooms (I have a mince pie in the fridge and sufficient stock of Rioja in the larder for the great day and the Queen’s speech). I’ll be writing throughout the Christmas period – but not about Law. For those of you who need to do a ‘bit of law’ over this period there are websites out there, or you could look at some cases on the HM Court Service website or visit the websites maintained by the newly named regulatory bodies: SRA / BSB. I can also recommend The Legal Services Act 2007. It has plot, pace and enough in it to provide angst, tension and satisfaction.

My last post on our beautiful game for 2007 is a story worthy of Dickens. It comes from The Sun: HEATHER MILLS faces a £2million court scrap with HER divorce lawyers – but has vowed to fight their “extortionate” bill.

According to The Sun, leading law firm Mischon de Reya, with a team of six charging an hourly rate £500 (The Sun figures), are about to issue their bill for £2 million. You may recall that Heather Mills sacked her lawyers / Her Lawyers sacked her after her extraordinary appearance on GMTV some time ago. The Sun takes up the story: ” A pal of Heather said last night: “She has been employing Mishcon for 20 months so it works out at £100,000 a month.Did Mishcon need a team of six, each earning £500 an hour, to fight her case?”

The Sun has been able to talk to a legal source about this: “It was her choice to hire one of the country’s most high-profile lawyers.”

The Sun ends its coverage of this breaking story with: “If the High Court writ is successful it could result in the ex-porn star being declared bankrupt.”

Oh… and finally… since it has a bit of law in it. Geeklawyer gets a phonecall from a High Court judge while he is in the bath. He puts his wig on to take the call. (Some strong language / imagery)

4 thoughts on “A personal statement…

  1. You blogging during a period when all others have jacked it in until the New Year is almost a public service, and I trust that Gordon Brown’s government will be compensating you accordingly.

    Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  2. Alex – Curiously… I recieived an anonymous Christmas Card only this morning…. It contained a £20 note… I cannot believe for one moment that a political party is sending me money…. I think it may have been from a Great Aunt… she likes to make anonymous gifts.

    As you will appreciate, at my age, it is unlikely that I would have a ‘Great Aunt’ still alive. I remember sending her P V Baker QC’s great work ‘Snell on Equity’ many years ago – with a bookmark at the page on secret trusts. She was much taken with that section of the book. Thankfully, she never got to grips with Re Vandervell

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