Mon dieu.. if, of course, there is such an entity…

Whatever next? Police Community Support Officers, the ” Eliot Ness Untouchables” of the modern police service, are at the very forefront of crime fighting again. This time they are called to an incident by some witless shopping centre security guard to stop young children singing carols. According to The Sun, the children were singing too loud.

Objections came from tenants of a shopping Mall in – an O2 mobile phone shop, supported by a Passion for Perfume store and a Timpsons shoe worker complained.

Ridiculous. I am making a stand. I won’t be buying anything provided by O2. I don’t wear perfume, so I can’t make a stand on that one, and I buy my shoes from Church’s and Jones the Bootmaker…they last for years and do not need to be repaired that often. I still have a pair from 1983. They still work quite well and are ‘fit for purpose’.

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