Judges and lawyers at risk…

The Sun reports this morning:

BRITAIN’S top judges have been put at risk after two CDs with their personal details were sent out in the POST.

The discs, containing 55,000 separate files, also had highly sensitive information about hundreds of barristers and solicitors.

Magistrates were also named along with county councils, government departments — and almost every police authority in the country. Sun Story

There does not seem to be any suggestion that this information is lost.  The focus of the story seems to be on the fact that the information was sent out on unencrypted discs through the post.

I’m afraid I’ve been at the Photoshop again – any suggestions for another caption to the pic of Gordon Brown?


Matthew Parris thinks Brown is doomed. Interesting article. If an England football manager can be sacked for incompetence, why not a Prime Minister?… seems to be the main theme.

2 thoughts on “Judges and lawyers at risk…

  1. Yes, interesting article, that Matthew Parris one. I think he’s right that there’s an increasing feeling of doom about the government – and that might herald the kind of “sea change” that overtook Jim Callaghan. I think the missing piece for Cameron now is that there’s not enough of a positive reason to vote for him: he needs a motivating USP. If he can find one in 2008, then I think Gordon’s in real trouble.

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