Resignation… various meanings.

Of course, we all know the meaning of the word ‘Resign’. There are some quite interesting synonyms: 1. withdraw. 3. abdicate, renounce; quit, leave. 4. give up, surrender, cede, forgo.

One may, of course, be ‘resigned’ to something.

So… this week the Chairman of HM Revenue & Customs resigned – as did a 23 year old scapegoat at HMRC (Although some confusion on the latter).  Steve McLaren, England football coach is a ‘goner’, sacked with (no doubt) a fairly hefty payoff. £2 million is being bandied about. The Sun prefers the word ‘axed’ to ‘sacked’.

I do not follow football, but I did watch bits of the match last night. England crashed out of the EURO 2008 championships – incredible, considering the spend on football in this country.

Perhaps Brown may have to be resigned to not getting an extension of the power to detain without charge from 28-56+ days. Sir Ken McDonald QC, CPS supremo, told the Commons Home Affairs Committee: “The most I can say is that it is a matter of record that we have not asked for an increase. We are satisfied with the position as it stands at the moment.”

Lord Goldsmith, former A-G, came out strongly against an extension and now the two senior Law Officers, Baroness Scotland QC and Vera Baird QC believe that the case has not yet been made to extend the period of detention. Times story

It is also quite possible, after the puppet Supreme Court in Pakistan ruled in Musharraf’s favour, that General Musharraf will soon be plain ‘Mr’ Musharraf when he steps down as head of the armed forces.

I’m afraid that I am resigned to the fact that I am eating antibiotics at the moment and cannot consume Rioja or wine of any description until the course of treatment is complete!


Non alcoholic grape juice is fine… if one wants to be an olympic athlete or play bad football for England… But I don’t happen to have that particular desire. The FA told me that they are looking for a credible new Coach… and, after reading my blawg, they did not feel I was suitable. [Of course they didn’t.. I’m making that up… but I may well apply to get ‘axed’… seems quite lucrative. Sven also walked away with a pretty good package, one understands. ]

Why not apply?… I rather like the idea of a load of blawgers writing to the FA to see if they can help. We do have to do our bit. If any employment lawyers out there could tell me how being axed for not doing one’s job can lead to a 2 million pay off… I will be most grateful. I will even send you emails from Monaco…. once a month.. for one year.

2 thoughts on “Resignation… various meanings.

  1. Bloody hell! I’m amazed Pat and Vera have leaked this – and it looks an awful lot as though they have, believing they’re powerful enough to get away with it as long as they hang together. The whole policy looks totally out of control to me.

  2. Interesting stuff, Carl. Makes the government case difficult to sustain. Mind you, the government does seem to have a few problems. We had former Chiefs of Staff, now in the Lords, lining up to criticise Brown for being unsympathetic to the forces today – and Northern Wreck and the 25 million records loss continues to dominate headlines. What next?

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