How Eurostar is promoting Londres to the French…

Norman Baird, a good mate of mine over at Consilio had an extraordinary experience today with Eurostar. Best to relate it in his own words…

I quote:

Am I easily shocked ?

As a frequent traveller on Eurostar I receive promotional email updates from them. Most are dull and formulaic. But not the one I received today. Although sent by Eurostar UK it is aimed at a French audience and includes a link to a website designed to publicise the delights of London.

With nothing better to do I though I would have a look to see how the Smoke is portrayed and from a selection of video vignettes clicked on the link to ‘Froggy Julie’. The video is quite short ( and so it appears initially, is the cameraman ) and involves a couple of interviews with a couple of real life authentic London ‘punks’. Tres branche… Etc…

After a couple exchanges designed to show the zaniness of London youth the interview with the girl is brought to an end with a kiss and in what must be a first for advertising, the young interviewee tells the cameraman that he is a c***.

I am not sure if the cameraman is or is not a c*** but the presenter appeared unperturbed.

The customer relations assistant at Eurostar, however, was perturbed. Clearly.

“When you say that the girl uses the ‘C’ word do you mean she says ’see – you – enn – tea’ ?” she asked me, scarcely believing that Eurostar was breaking new ground in high speed advertising.

“Yes” – I said, convincingly.

Eurostar are going to investigate.

If you would like to be offended before they pull the video…

Click the link to the website

Click – ‘passer l’introduction’ (skip the introduction) at the foot of the page.

Click -’Programmes’ on the right side of the next page.

Click – ‘Froggy Julie’ – that is the miniature screen in the centre of the top row.

Although most of the video is in French the two British interviewees speak a version of BBC English.


Well… The French may well find Londres a bit surprising after watching that film….

One thought on “How Eurostar is promoting Londres to the French…

  1. The one they have replaced it with is just as hilarious. Again it is froggy julie.

    In this one she is repeatedly told to “fuck off”, especially when it becomes clear she is French. 🙂

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