Police State…erosion of liberties?…

I am a bit slow off the mark here and I am grateful to Iolis who posted the information and links to this interesting case of Police exceeding their powers on the Consilio Discussion Board.

Film-maker Darren Pollard was clearing up flood rubbish from his fron garden when he noticed the police harassing a youth opposite his house.  He started filming the Police Officers. Police then noticed they were being filmed, entered the film-makers private property, told him to stop filming and told him that he was committing an offence.  The film is worth watching and is on You Tube.  The Consilio discussion on this topic is also worth reading.

For the full series of posts: See Consilio Discussion Board

A Police officer writing on The Police Oracle forum states that no offence has been committed  by the camera man.

Sole Sister and Iolis, writing on the Consilio Discussion Board, remind us of the case of Entinck v Carrington [1765]….

It seems that these Police Officers have misquoted the law and have exceeded their powers.

2 thoughts on “Police State…erosion of liberties?…

  1. Harrased a kid? The boy had just crossed a police barrier and was being told not to.

    Darren Pollard provokes these events by acting suspiciously.

    Wouldn’t you question someone secretly filming NEAR A SCHOOL.

  2. So what if I was filming near a school, I used to go to that school and now my own children go there. Albie you are following my vid around the internet and leaving silly comments because you got banned from davidicked forum for calling me a nonce.

    People can see from the vid you are full of rubbish Albie. Grow up.

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