Marketing for Dummies?….

Excellent nonsense…. some seriously weird marketing…

RollonFriday picks up on the fact that Eversheds are looking for some very unusual people. I quote from the RollonFriday website:

Innovateer: the innovative volunteer, who has “good reason to appear effervescent”.
Knowlivator: the knowledgeable motivator – “they don’t just have big brains; they have big personalities too”.
Logithiser: the logical empathiser, who “readily sheds their tough exterior”.
Performibutor: the performing contributor, who “roll up their sleeves”.
Proactiloper: the proactive developer. Or a medieval practitioner of intimate surgery.
Professionary: the professional visionary. “Accuracy and punctuation are their watchwords”.
Prioricator: the prioritising communicator. “To listen to them is to understand and be convinced.”
Winnowmat: the winning diplomat – “their powerful will to win finds expression in gentle diplomacy”.

I made some investigations of my own on the relevant page of the Eversheds website and, there it was, screaming in full technicolor (sic).

When I first saw this I wondered if Eversheds had signed up George Dubya Bush to assist with their marketing efforts. The thought then crossed my mind that John “Two Shags” Prescott was not fully employed and had, clearly, secured a new position in The City…. but… it appears that this is not so. As RollonFriday said in their story: “Good grief. Some advertisiwanker got paid good money to come up with this guff.”

I know I enjoy a glass or two of Rioja at night, but whatever these guys were drinking…. I want to know their vintner.

I leave you with this thought from George W. Bush: “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.”


UPDATE:  Nick Holmes of Binary Law has come up with:  Fuckateer – the fuckwitted marketeer

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