Ian Grigg-Spall, Kent Law School on BPP degree powers…

Ian Grigg-Spall, Academic Chair, Kent Law School gave Consilio permission to reprint his letter to The Times Higher Education supplement about BPP’s degree awarding powers – robust stuff. Worth a read.

For podcasts with BPP / College of Law / Nottingham on these new powers – please visit Charon Podcasts.

One thought on “Ian Grigg-Spall, Kent Law School on BPP degree powers…

  1. Dear Mr Grigg-Spall

    I would like to thank-you for providing (UKPA) a statement about Nick Clegg’s broken pledge to students fee rises which is as you say amounts to dishonesty.

    Mr Grigg-Spall-in the event the news has not reached you-the Coalition have won their vote now leaving 10’s of 1000’s students; several in marriage’s , most live at home and others living on their own and between them need someone like yourself to stand up and speak for the students-are you still going to consider bringing action against Mr Nick Clegg?

    Kindest regards

    Margo McDonald

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