What we have come to?…

I took a short break for lunch and found a copy of The Sun at a nearby table. Police in Manchester have been told to stop riding bicycles – in case they fall off and get hurt. (The Sun)

And we have another misbehaving judge story: Judge Roger Keen QC wouldn’t let an accused change his underwear, withdrew bail because he felt the defence were timewasting and ended up being criticised as “rude, discourteous and brutal” during a hearing at London’s Court of Appeal. The news report gives the full story – but Victorian Maiden’s comment is a better read.

Lord Justice Laws said Judge Roger Keen QC should be “ashamed” of his conduct during the trial of Andrew Brian Cordingley at Sheffield Crown Court and said his behaviour had rendered a conviction “unsafe”.

Amazing… truly amazing. Apparently Judge Keen is known in Sheffield as ‘Clever C**t Keen”. (VM is a useful source of information on many matters) This latest episode is not a great example of judicial behaviour. If the CA judgment appears (I have looked for it on the net) I’ll post the link.

One thought on “What we have come to?…

  1. In a case in July 2010 Judge Roger Keen in summing up made every mention he could of the prosecution knowing full well that they did not really have a case, and did not give mention to the defence, hence the defendant was found guilty……………..then the Judge handed down the longest sentence he could….seven years.

    He should be retired from the bench….or sacked.

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