Police Community Support Officers…

The writer of The 3Rs – Reading, Ranting & Recipes Blog visits my blog from time to time. She is a magistrate and an enthusiastic blogger. I enjoy reading her posts…. I also cook from time to time!

On Friday 21st she wrote about Police Community Support Officers – with passion and authority. I wrote about PCSOs the other day. I am not a fan of these quasi-police. If I had seen the 3Rs post on Saturday when I had my own rant, I would have referred you to her view then. I won’t pre-empt your visit. Her ‘rant’ for 21st September is well worth reading. (I can’t seem to link to the specific post, so you will have to locate 21st September and scroll down to the rant.)

Good stuff. I agree with her view. Get rid of PCSOs and spend the money on real police.

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