On yer bike….

Doughty Street Chambers seems to be getting a bit of flack from the blogosphere following the imprisonment of Bruce Hyman for perverting the course of justice.

Victorian Maiden over at Ruthie’s Law, commenting on the press release Doughty Street Chambers issued yesterday, states: “as we are now told, Brucie was never actually a member there. He simply gave lectures at events organised and promoted by Doughty Street and worked from there. He resigned before he could be considered for membership and was only at Doughty Street as part of his training having completed a 12 month pupillage at Blackstone Chambers. Dear Diary, curiouser and curiouser. I was under the impression that a 12 month pupillage was a barrister’s training. Obviously, different standards apply in WC1.”

Anyway… be that as it may, it seems that Hyman got off fairly lightly and a number of barristers I have spoken to were a bit surprised at the fairly lenient sentence.

On to other matters…. the biker brief

I received a press release yesterday about ‘motorcycle mad Solicitor Daniella Tarbuck’ who has joined and joined city commercial lawyers Young and Lee.

As an enthusiastic biker (Geeklawyer and Ruthie also ride), I would certainly encourage Daniella to get on with passing her bike test… but would suggest, with some hesitation, that she may have more fun on a Ducati or a jap sportsbike than a Harley Davidson.

And for the England rugby fans – a new shirt for you to wear down at the pub, just to remind you of that glorious fiasco against South Africa.

Mind you, England cricket isn’t too good at the moment. Twenty Twenty is an enjoyable romp, but I prefer the longer versions of the game. Good to see that England management are still having to deal with cricketers doing inapprpriate things. Collingwood, the one day captain, was fined £1000 for nipping into a pole dancing club on the eve of a game. When he realised where he was, he left. Bring Back Captain Fredalo.

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