A sunny afternoon in West London…

Having done my ‘tabloid period’ (infra) I am seated at my desk in my office and learn, from The Independent, that a Polish computer programmer could be jailed for three years for linking a vulgar Polish word for penis (kutas) to the presidental website and, thereby, causing the presidential website to be ranked first on Google when ‘kutas’ was typed in. One would have thought the Polish president would have been pleased with the publicity… but President Lech Kaczynski (Left) did not seem to find it amusing.

Ever thorough in my research, I carried out a Google search on the Polish word Kutas. It did not bring up the President of Poland’s website. I have, however, found the President’s website. Riveting – I use the word carefully… a homage to the Gdansk shipyard and Solidarity – inspiring Poland to re-discover a degree of freedom and democracy. I have also discovered this afternoon that the current President of Poland looks just like the Prime Minister of Poland.

I was tempted to email The President of Poland, which is possible from the presidential website… but I lost the will to live when I realised that I was even thinking about doing such a thing on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I blame the bi-polar depression I am now suffering after the dual defeat of the England cricket team and the spectacularly bad defeat of the England Rugby team. (Only a week ago – England cricket, football and rugby teams won their matches. Cue: “A week is a long time in cricket, rugby, football, politics, etc etc.”)

Meanwhile, our judiciary has decided that a sentence of 10 months is suitable punishment for paedophile film downloader and actor, Chris Langham.

The Russians continue to send their Bombers towards British airspace and, of course, we respond by scrambling Tornado F3s. Given that the Red arrows are not going to be invited to the 2012 Olympics (Below), perhaps we should send the Red Arrows to intercept these Russian bombers and give ’em a bit of red, blue and white smoke instead of scrambling Tornado F3s?

On the other hand – we could get Rolf Harris to paint President Putin and really make the ‘Ruskies’ think?

For my part, I prefer the more subtle ‘psyops’ approach of sending messages of goodwill to President Putin in the form of pictures of our once and future King.

I understand that President Putin has developed a keen interest in the old Czar and early 20th century Russian history. This picture may, therefore, be a useful addition to his collection of memorabilia. My only worry is that this particular picture of our future King George VII may remind Putin of Yeltsin. This may not be a good thing and may well lead to an escalation in the the number of potential incursons into our green and pleasant airspace.

I also have a feeling, given the fact that I am confined to barracks for the next few days, that it is time to retire to bed to listen to yet more news and thence… perchance… to dream.

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  1. I have read somewhere how bloggers strive to reach number one in Google. Quite by chance I discovered that I have hit that top spot several times. I did a screengrab of my stats last week, as the highest day reached 2,275 hits and no day was under 1,000. I blame the McCanns soap opera. It might run and run like the Mousetrap. But, it did get me to thinking ‘I wonder what will turn up next to bring all the internet junkies coming to me for their fix?’. It’s a strange world, I note that a couple of Portuguese TV stations visit my blog. Then they broadcast, and the likes of Sky News pick up from them and the MSM then prints or broadcasts…Somethings just grab our attention, and whereas before the thought would just disappear into thin air or stay in one’s head, now it can be transmitted all over the world. I think that is the power of blogging. And why governments are seeking to curb it.

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