Personal injury update?….

I have stuck dental crowns back in place with superglue but that tends to be the limit of my unusual use. Certainly, I have never considered the possibility of using superglue to glue a hoover to my private parts – but that is exactly what one circus performer did.

The Sun reports that Dan Buckner was rushed to hospital after he glued his ‘private parts’ to a Hoover. Apparently, Mr Bruckner had been practising his act, which involves ‘towing a vaccuum cleaner with his privates’. Mr Bruckner, ‘noticing that the suction pipe was split at the end, preventing it gripping him tightly enough’ decided to fix the crack in the pipe with superglue. Unfortunately, he also misread the instructions requiring a period of 20 minutes, rather than 20 seconds, to dry before re-inserting his membrum virilis into the pipe. The mind boggles, but Mr Blackner had a difficult time in A&E on arrival. Other patients, presumably with the usual mill of accidents, cracked up laughing.

As a regular contributor to Personal Injury Brief Update Journal, I am pleased to be able to contribute, by this report, to the knowledge of their readers and, indeed, to the knowledge of all those who visit my blawg.

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  1. The comments made me laugh – but… as you both have posted on serious matters (and I value both your comments and those of Jailhouselawyer) I just thought it was time to draw a halt.

    I am NOT a censor… the exchange was quite amusing… and maybe I should have let you both get on with it!!

    Anyway… please continue posting !

  2. I won’t apologise, because I am (or was) supposed to be a psychopath. However, he started it and I merely responded. I was aware that it was hijacking your blog, and there was a mild twinge of guilt. As you say, it was amusing. I will bear in mind your low tolerance for flame wars, if it could be called that because I have been involved in some right beauties. You ought to go and see the flack I have taken on My Telegraph blog on the Lawrence Murder case defending Chindamo.

    BTW, I have used the old super glue on crowns before with varying success. Not advisable for spectacles, it doesn’t last long and the smears on the lenses are a bastard to see through…

  3. Hi Jailhouselawyer

    Frankly… I should have just let the thing go… and I will, next time.

    I am, as it happens, pretty laid back…..

    No big deal… nor harm done…. by my excision.

  4. No, I think you was right. Reader was wrong for attacking the player and not the ball. Its debatable whether I should have responded. Some say “don’t feed the trolls”, whereas others decide to engage. I consider myself a good wordsmith, so I tend to respond. On some blogs this brings out the sock puppets, and libels are thrown around left, right and centre. I often get accused of saying something I have not said. It is their interpretation that they put on my words which changes their intent. After I have played around with them for awhile, I explain to them that I haven’t said those things, in the meantime, I attack what they have said and the decent one’s end up apologising for getting the wrong end of the stick. When I get accused of libel, I laugh it off, being a man of straw, I know I am not worth suing. You do what you feel comfortable with. I am pretty laid back myself. If someone either oversteps the mark with me or another commenter I simply delete it. If someone goes off topic, I gently remind them what the topic is and ask them to stick to it or face deletion. There is quite a lot of ribbing going on between bloggers and between those on the left, right and centre. As I am non-aligned, I can have a go at all of them. Over time I have won some blogging friends. This is nice as it makes me feel part of a community. I have them across the political spectrum. There are some saddos who do not allow my comments on their blog because of my manslaughter conviction. They believe I should not be allowed a voice at all. I take the rough with the smooth. I’ve made my mark found a niche. You would think I was super glued to the keyboard for about 16 hours a day. Sad, isn’t it? Having Internet Addiction Disorder…

  5. I always enjoy your point of view… as you know.

    I may well have been affected by reading The Mirror interview with the Home Secretary…and thought I was a traffic warden.

    Internet Addiction Disorder… Yes.. I am a fellow sufferer. 🙂

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