Mistaken for a vandal…

I rather like the idea of being an author and then being mistaken for a vandal by signing copies of my own book. This happened to famous author Stephen King on a trip to Australia. Apparently he was wandering around a bookshop and decided to sign several copies of his own books. Bookshop staff immediately ran over in the belief that he was vandalising the books.

The BBC reports: “Bookshop manager Bev Ellis said: “When you see someone writing in one of your books you get a bit toey [nervous].”

3 thoughts on “Mistaken for a vandal…

  1. I recall a bookstall at a conference on autism. One lecturer, herself autistic, had persuaded the bookstall to hold a large stock of her latest book. They sold out. She stood behind every person who picked up a copy to look at, tapped them on the shoulder, and said ‘I can sign it for you.’ A few put the book back tentatively for a few seconds, as a signal that they were making a considered decison about whether to buy, but under her encouraging gaze, no one walked away without a copy.

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