Food for thought on a Monday morning…

Half an hour of reading blogs early this morning threw up some interesting material.

John Bolch and Martin George have been considering the difficult constitutional issue of whether judges make law. Martin George considers the Purity Ring case and sides with the school authorities in a well reasonaed analysis of the issues.

Simon Myerson QC takes a moment to reflect on the main issue for Lord Goldsmith’s successor which affects the Bar – “the ‘world-class prosecuting service’ which is (allegedly) the CPS.” Nearly Legal considers the “criminal behaviour” of a firm in North London. The firm is to introduce shifts so that it can do away with overtime or out of hours pay. Belle de Jour discusses the new Brown era and wonders whether the Lib-Dems were shortsighted in not allowing Lord Ashdown to accept a position in Brown’s Cabinet. Head of Legal analyses YL v Birmingham City Council, an important case on the Human Rights Act.

Justin Patten, Human Law Mediation, as always, has some useful commentary on mediation and the literature being spawned by this area of legal practice. Lawyer-2-Be discusses the BSB provisional report on deferral of Call – of interest to future BVC students.

Geeklawyer co-blogger, Ruthie, has her own blog for serious analysis of matters relating to criminal law and practice. Early stages but useful to those studying or practising in the field. See: Ruthie’s Law

PJH Law continues to provide useful analysis of employment law. This week: Dismissal or resignation?

Prisonlawinsideout has a piece on Gordon brown supporting the proposition that convicted prisoners should get the vote.

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  1. The JCHR has just published its 16th Report into Monitoring the Government’s Response to Court Judgments Finding Breaches of Human Rights. In the prisoners votes case it concludes: “We would be disappointed if a legislative solution were not in force in adequate time to allow the necessary preparations to be made for the next general election”.

    As I was saying…

    Posted the Report and relevant extracts here:

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