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Lord Goldsmith has resigned – paving the way for Gordon Brown to take a fresh look at the role of the Attorney-General. The Guardian reports: “Mr Brown is considering stripping the attorney of his role in superintending prosecutions and making the Crown Prosecution Service independent. Such a change would mean no government minister would play a part in deciding whether to prosecute in the loans-for-honours affair, distancing the new administration from the embarrassing saga.”

Surely they aren’t serious?

Police are testing this absurd 3 wheeled stand up scooter which can run for 20 miles and has a maximum speed of 25 mph. Apparently it also has blue flashing lights and a siren. I feel a bit sorry for the copper pictured. No doubt he will be getting a bit of stick from fellow plod. Maybe the hoodies and other villains will collapse with laughter, allowing the officer to ride up, dismount and then arrest them. Bit difficult to see how the officer could then take them down to the Nick though.


And from Private Eye this week:

Citizen journalist of the week

Sam Mason, presenter: And now we go to Sean in Bristol. Sean, can you sum up the weather where you are in one word?

Sean: Cunt!

BBC Radio Bristol, 13 June

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