Strange days…

It is but 8 days before The Lord Protector leaves office to be replaced by The Wuthering Height and then, on the 1st July, the smokers will be crowding the pavements.

I explained to a barman at The Bollo the other day that the new No Smoking legislation applied also to non-smokers and that if they occupied seats or tables outside the pub, a smoker had the right to ask them to go and do their No Smoking inside… It took him a while for the penny to drop and I could not maintain the deception after he asked if I was serious.

I joined Facebook some time ago and did not visit that often… well twice. Now I find the place is crawling with blawgers. I do not expect BabyBarista (who asked me if I wish to be a friend) to approve my Facebook category comment on how we met: I stated – ‘we dated, were practically married, and did not see each other much now’.

The prisons are to be emptied of burglars, drug dealers and fraudsters in a move to make way for new criminals. We have run out of prison places and The Times reports that the government has spent £30 million, so far, housing criminals in court and police cells. How do they work these costs out?

Barclays is to get rid of the Eagle logo they have used for 317 years because ABN AMRO, their new venture partner, feels it is too similar to nazi imagery – spokesman said “It is rather like a Teutonic-looking eagle with unfortunate connotations.”

A government minister in Pakistan has said that the knighthood conferred on Salman Rushdie justified suicide bombing. I spoke to a Pakistani born shop owner about this. He raised his eyes and told me that Islam was supposed to be a peaceful religion and he felt that this remark was less than helpful. Apparently the fatwa on Rushdie issued by the Iranian Ayatollah some time ago can only be lifted by him. The fatwa was never lifted and the Ayatollah is dead. Apparently the new Iranian regime agreed some time ago not to implement the fatwa.

I have a post medic procedure infection… which has lowered my patience temporarily and I am now returning to my futon to watch cricket, eat painkillers and sleep.

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  1. I might have more sympathy if people went rioting against Rushdie on literary grounds… I wasn’t madly impressed by Midnight’s Children, I must say. It was all right for the first 1000 pages or so. but ended up pretty tedious, really.

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