It’s been a hard day’s blog….

The image, sadly, is a fantasy and is not my reality at the moment in terms of leisure – but it struck me as a reasonable metaphor for the isolation and pleasure of blogging!

Rock around the blogs

Barrister blog has a fetching pic of Gordon Brown dressed up as a Stalinist dictator and wonders what Brown is up to as he prepares for the removals men to arrive. Dan Hull: What about Clients? is running a Generation X competition – deadline 1st July. Also useful post on getting busines from corporate clients. Belle de Jure has joined Facebook and has some amusing ‘adverts.

Binary Law, always a useful source/resource for blogggers and netheads has a post about Government 2.0. Family Lore has an intriguing item (with the usual detailed analysis of Family Law. Even if you are not a Family lawyer… you may like this:Because no matter how good she may look now … the screwing you get ain’t worth the screwing you get

Ruthie, Geeklawyer co-blogger and solicitor advocate, has her own serious blog: Ruthie’s Law Geeklawyer, apart from changing the look and feel of his blog and introducing tag clouds has been to a film: Taking Liberties

I haven’t met Lo-fi the librarian – but I do enjoy her blog, particularly when she points me in the direction of useful resources and tools. Lo-fi also picks up on the ‘Shiny new Supreme Court’

Nearly Legal has a fascinating post about restaurant reviewers being sued for defamation by ‘reviewed restaurants’. A trend…. blog reviewers? Excellent stuff. I was asked, three weeks ago, if I would like to write the odd restaurant review! I may well take it up… provided the ‘organ’ indemnifies me. Head of Legal has an interesting post about the application of Human Rights law to areas of effective British control abroad.

Martin George, the blogger who came in from the cold, has picked up on a matter of great importance – the legality of the Iraq war. The Lords are to hear an appeal brought by the families of two soldiers killed in Iraq.

And what have I been up to? : A couple of podcasts – Justin Patten on Mediation and Peter Crisp, CEO of BPP Law School. And the usual ephemera… my cousin Davina Charon, agony aunt –  some views on drinking and the attack by the government on wine drinkers –  and…. the latest twist in the flashing judge episode (Infra)

Part 2 of law blog review tomorrow

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  1. Aw shucks. Loving the podcasts, may I put in a request for Nick Holmes discussing the legal web, Ruthie discussing serious law blogging, and the big scoop – Attorney General Lord Goldsmith discussing BAE.

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