Muttley Dastardly LLP: Expansion

From: Matt Muttley
To: All Partners
cc: Dr Strangelove

Date: 24th May 2007


Eva Braun has just put the Evening Standard in front of me. A woman has won a £48 million divorce battle. Do we have anyone who knows any Family Law? If not, can we do a lateral hire? Approach a Silk who is into Family Law and bring him/her into the partnership?

If we only handle high value cases, what would the downside be? Cross-fertilisation into asset management, trusts, tax, off-shore, private equity, hedge fund?

Eva sent me this from a blog: Family Lore“Needless to say, Mr Charman does not accept the words of the President of the Family Division, and has indicated that he intends to appeal again to the House of Lords. Oh well, more money for the lawyers and legal analysts, and more copy for the media…

By the way… one of our associates is sitting at his desk with a Bluetooth earpiece in his ear. I’m looking at him on CCTV now. Looks ridiculous. Think he is in Trusts…. can someone tell him that if he wants to look as if he works in a call centre, we have vacancies in our Mumbai office.

Get back to me if you have any thoughts / ideas




Head of Legal has a view on the Charman divorce

4 thoughts on “Muttley Dastardly LLP: Expansion

  1. No…. I believe that Abramovitch handled his divorce in Russia where awards are less generous and, some would argue, more sensible!

    The opportunity for Divorce Tourism to Britain has been mooted by various newspapers.

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