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From The Desk of Matt Muttley, Managing Partner

Eva Braun, my PA, told me some time ago that senior City lawyers are being appointed as Deans of Law Schools. This is to be encouraged – particularly if it removes them from the corporate law gene pool.

I am, endorsing this ‘transferability between practice and academe’, delighted to announce that Muttley Dastardly LLP has appointed Professor Strangelove, a noted jurist (and identical twin), to our management board. Dr Strangelove will be heading up our CPD training unit and will also be responsible for monitoring our arrangements with the various LPC providers to ensure that our prospective trainees are trained to the highest standards and only mix with students on courses designed for City practice.

Dr Strangelove achieved a degree of notoriety when, at a Conference on Legal Education last summer, he raised the idea of shutting down one third of the new university law schools so that better established universities would have more resources and for his robust view that there was absolutely no need for 80 universities to deliver their own lectures to students when it was not ‘beyond the wit of man’ to arrange for one decent lecturer in each subject to record his or her lectures and make them available on the net.

You may remember television footage at the time; covering Dr Strangelove’s dramatic rescue from the Conference by a Police armed response unit. Police were called after he suggested that Deans of Law Schools, who admitted students with no ‘realistic prospect of getting a training contract or pupillage’, would have a bit of explaining to do when they made their appearance before the ‘Great Architect of The Universe’ on Judgement Day.

3 thoughts on “Muttley Dastardly LLP: Practice and Academe…

  1. No doubt Dr Strangelove will be first in the queue to endorse the scientific development of ‘genetically modified’ law students – now there’s a thought… L2B 🙂

  2. Dr Strangelove would no doubt be a pioneer in the development of genetically modified students given half a chance – now there is a thought… L2B

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