We can see you…

Not content with fixed position and mobile CCTV units, the Police are now to start using a radio controlled helicopter fitted with high definition cameras and thermal imaging equipment to monitor criminals and anyone else who happens to be ‘in picture’ at the time. BBC story

And…. parking fines are to rise to £120. A whole raft of offences – parking on pavements, double yellow lines, feeding meters, displaying multiple pay and display tickets, overstaying as well as box junction offences, going up a one way road the wrong way and leaving your engine running will now feed the coffers of local councils. The new Digital Gatso cameras, soon to make an appearance, will also be far more efficient revenue generators than the film based cameras used at present.

A 45-year-old biker who thought it was a bright idea to give speed cameras the two-finger treatment while travelling at up to 105mph, on the grounds that his visor was obscuring his face and he had no registration plate on the front of his BMW, has been banned for a year, The Telegraph reports.

Judge Michael Kay, QC, told Coffey: “Some of these speeds were eye-watering. You decided to take the system on and I am pleased to say you lost.”

Good to see that the Traffic Taliban are gainfully employed….. meanwhile rather more serious crimes continue to go undetected…

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  1. With the combined cost to the treasury of OP HERRICK (Afghanistan) and Op TELIC (Iraq) running at £500,000,000,000 every single calender month (recorded in Hansard) the Treasury is hemorrhaging cash at an alarming rate. There exists no option but to find more imaginative and innovative revenue streams. You aint seen nothing yet!

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