And so it came to pass…

And it came to pass that Geeklawyer convened a meeting of The Blawgers. They gathered at a place in the City of Mammon and all were revealed in their finery, without need of disguise…

And so the day arrived for LawBlog2007 (re-named the first European Law Bloggers Conference after drinks in the Pub after the event) The event was very well organised with CPA Global, the hosts, through Charlotte, providing superb facilities and generous hospitality. The Law Society Gazette and Freeth Cartwright sponsored the event and rather than provide a review, I refer you to and commend the reviews on Geeklawyer!

It was a very enjoyable day and a pleasure to meet other bloggers, journalists and others who attended. I enjoyed nipping off during breaks to have a fag with John Bolch of Family Lore – good practice for 1st July.

Geeklawyer did provide a bottle of Rioja for me – and I’ll return the compliment by sending him some Mead, if I can locate this rare drink. Even I can’t drink Rioja at 11.30 in the morning…and pray that in aid.

The bottle of Rioja is now on a plinth in my office…. where it will stay until LawBlog2008. Like a baton… I’ll hand it over to the ‘keynote speaker’ for next year. I regard the duties of a keynote speaker as akin to the duties of a Bride’s father at a wedding. Get up, talk briefly, and let the principal players get on with it.

I decided not to wear socks to this event…. Professor Jeremy Phillips / IPKAT decided to give his talk without his shoes on….

Most enjoyable…

UPDATE : 9.30 pm Sunday 20 May

It has just been pointed out to me that Nostradamus predicted the LawBlog2007 conference:  “In the fifth month, after the great warlord of the Britons passes power to the chosen one… there will be a meet of men and women whose words will pass to all the lands of the world as an arrow passes through the sky.”

 Remarkable really…..

I like to think that Cicero would have been a blogger… “Liberae sunt nostrae cogitationes – Our thoughts are free.”

4 thoughts on “And so it came to pass…

  1. Ahem, the Rioja was intended to be drunk (assuming it wasn’t an awful brand – I’m unaware of such things). If I get a Mead I shall drink it – saving it or worst still passing it on would be a travesty.

  2. I really appreciated the fact that you DID buy a bottle of Rioja…. but… I do feel that the Rioja purchased for this conference (a very good bottle!) should be passed on from year to year… a symbol of freedom…..moderation and responsibility.

    I have to hand it to you and Ruthie…. you organised a great day…

    On the other hand…. I may well drink it and present another bottle next year….call me sentimental!

  3. Morrisons sell mead (or used to, I’ve not been in for a while). It’s drinkable, but not a patch on Moniack. Mind you, if you’re up in Manchester for the Christmas European Market, there’s a chance the honey and beeswax stall will be back: they also sell mead, meadhorns and a cheeky little number called Barenfang…33% by volume.

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