Podcast 16: Nigel Savage, CEO, The College of Law on legal education and diversity…

Today I talk to Nigel Savage, CEO, The College of Law about legal education at the academic and professional stage and diversity.

Nigel Savage has had a long career in legal education and has overseen some remarkable developments and changes at the College of Law in the past ten years. In this podcast he gives us an insight into those changes and, characteristically, has robust views on diversity, the GDL, the LPC and the BVC .

Podcast 16: Nigel Savage on legal education

2 thoughts on “Podcast 16: Nigel Savage, CEO, The College of Law on legal education and diversity…

  1. Dear Charon,

    I found it very informative and useful, especially Nigel’s comments on challenges faced for those wishing to redesign their career, having enormous experience to learn law being matured student, but what are the challenges and matured students, aged above 40, wishing for a career change, especially for international students, like myself find the english legal system very fascinating and envy of the world, though it seems a little to late at this age, but desire to achieve a career change, anyway?

  2. Pleased you found it informative. I have known Nigel Savage for many years. Obviously it is goin to be more difficult for someone over 40 to make a career change – but I have taught quite a few mature students over the years and all, without exception, worked hard and did well at the examination stage. Getting a training contract / pupillage is a bit mre of a challenge for mature students.

    Have a look at Nearly Legal and Lawyer-2-B blogs – on my blog roll – for their experiences.

    Bon chance

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