Podcast 15: Michael Mallinson and the television / film industry…

Today I talk to Michael Mallinson who has worked on some well known television productions as First Assistant Director. Sharpe, Inspector Morse, Lewis, Bravo Two Zero, Robin Hood, Kavanagh QC and Rosemary & Thyme are just a few of the films he has worked on.

Michael gives us a glimpse into the world of television and film production; providing an over view on how films are made, what the Producer, Director, Director of Photography and others do and talks about some of the actors he has worked with.

Of course, we also talk about wine. Michael lives in Portugal when he is not filming and after a brief chat about Portuguese wines, we adjourn to The Swan to drink some Rioja.

Podcast 15: Michael Mallinson talks about the television and film business.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 15: Michael Mallinson and the television / film industry…

  1. Good podcast. I have seen all of these productions and we both enjoyed listening to the talk by Michael mallinson.

    Hope you both enjoyed the Rioja 🙂 (Afterwards, of course)

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