Podcast 14: “No Smoking” laws and employment law implications on blogging…

Today I talk to Liam Pike, solicitor with PJHLaw and one of the authors of their excellent Employment Law blog.

The topics: The “No Smoking” laws due to come into force at 6.00 am on 1st July 2007 and the Employment Law implications for bloggers who are employed. Liam took time out of a busy day to provide detailed answers to my questions. I now know where I stand on the No Smoking laws… perhaps I may have to jack it in… and the advice for bloggers who are employed is most useful!

Podcast 14: Liam Pike, PJH Solicitors: No Smoking Laws / Employment Law implications for bloggers

UPDATE: Amused by the description of ‘Charon’ on the PJH Law blog…

10 thoughts on “Podcast 14: “No Smoking” laws and employment law implications on blogging…

  1. You’ll hate me for saying this but as a non smoker I can’t wait for the smoking ban.
    If it helps, my Gran stopped smoking after 40 years on the cancer sticks…she died a couple of years later but she was nearly 90 to be fair…this isn’t helping is it?
    Invaluable blogging and work advice too. *Gulps*

  2. I think drinking is as bad as smoking, so it should be banned too, but it will never be!

    Also, if government provided free nicotine patches for everyone (at the moment, NHS ones are very hard to get and they don’t give enough), then everyone would give up smoking. But that’s too expensive and unprofitable for the State!

    I’m a non-smoker by the way, and smokers don’t bother me. :) But I hate to see their rights infringed. :(

  3. To tree-hugging, Guardian-Reading outreaching community health and safety Facists everywhere.

    Stuff your bloody smoking ban!

  4. David Hockney had the right idea when he addressed the Labour Party conference in 2005 – if the Government really wants to improve the Nation’s health, they should ban drinking in pubs, not smoking!!

  5. Ah Dave but there are more people with drink problems at home (relativly cheap) than in pubs (expensive). Stop the blighters blowing their foul smelling air across me, my clothes and the bouquet of my tipple I say.
    Interesting podcast. The definition given for prohibited areas would seem to include major rail stations (e.g. Waterloo) but not sadly the lesser stations where there is barely a roof

  6. “Stop the blighters blowing their foul smelling air across me, my clothes and the bouquet of my tipple I say.”

    I quite agree. And while we’re at it, lets ban greyhound racing. It only encourages the working classes to express an interest in Ascot.

  7. I think that smoking is a choice, but unike alcohol smoking in public places makes the people around you uncomfprtable and its bad for their health not ONLY yours. There for smoking should be banned in public places because we are not the ones causing the disturbance, they are by putting bystanders health at risk for their personal enjoyment.

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