Podcast 13: Footprints on the net…

Today I talk to Tim Kevan, Barrister, 1 Temple Gardens about the new Bar Council blog, blog etiquette and the dangers of leaving footprints on the net.

I did the interview over the telephone and, for some bizarre reason, the sound quality in parts is not as good as it usually is. Maybe it is the heat? But… never mind the quality… feel the width – Tim imparts some useful advice.

I am putting together a short weekly webradio programme – about 45 minutes weekly, if it can be done. Interested in having a few ‘guests’ on the ‘programme’ – any takers? (Can do your contribution over the phone – pretty relaxed about content – but would like to shoehorn a bit of law in if possible! )

If so, please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Put your email down (it will not be seen by others).

Podcast 13: Footprints on the net with Tim Kevan

6 thoughts on “Podcast 13: Footprints on the net…

  1. Alas Charon, I am not the first to volunteer myself…. I am however interested in exactly what you intend for the subject matter of the webradio programmes to be.

    …And I also need someone to check my Latin for me.

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