paraskavedekatriaphobia ….

I don’t suppose that many of you know that paraskavedekatriaphobia is fear of Friday 13th. I certainly didn’t… until I was told this by a most unusual man in a cloak, carrying a scythe, who decided to sit at the next table this morning when I was reading my Tabloid of choice, sipping espressos and smoking Silk Cut. I am grateful to him for this information. It has improved my day, so much so, in fact, that I plan to write without mentioning the law once….. well… possibly…

and it is coming soon…. but, first, I must take lunch… not that I am overly superstitious… or suspicious, as one of my friends said to me this morning on the telephone.


UPDATE… got sidetracked when I finished work… I survived Friday 13th… and returned unscythed, from The Swan,  to find a post by Corporate Blawg UK on “irachibutyphillia”. (See Comments section)…  which has given me hope.

2 thoughts on “paraskavedekatriaphobia ….

  1. Corporate Blawg… I salute you – this post has made Friday 13th worth living through…. truly exceptional! Mille gracie…
    [Is it tax deductible?… anything in the Companies Act 2006 about this?]

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