Back to work…back to Law…

The Bar Council has a new website and blog.

The new Bar Council website is an improvement. I am not entirely sure what the chosen image (left) is trying to portray in terms of message or metaphor. To my eye it seems that the barrister is running late and is, therefore, disorganised. It also reminded me of a candidate in The Apprentice running to bungle yet another task – but…. I am easily amused. (And when did you last see a barrister running in the Temple? Barristers glide.) Be that as it may, to use a phrase beloved of members of the legal profession, change is afoot.

Visitors to the website can now meet the Chairman of the Bar. Geoffrey Vos QC, in a short film, states that ‘the one defining feature of the Bar is our pursuit of excellence’. Meet The Chairman of the Bar.

Geoffrey Vos QC, qua Chairman, has a blog.
After welcoming people to the blog, Mr Vos hopes “you will be pleased and excited by it” and invites you to express views and ‘hopefully to spark off some stimulating and useful debate.’

There is a link ‘to leave a comment’ which I clicked. It seemed to refresh the page. I could see no mechanism whereby I could leave a message. I did see a ‘register’ link on the right and clicked it. I didn’t think the Bar blog would necessarily benefit by having a figment of my imagination commenting. For my part? I think the blog is a good idea if it does foster debate and discussion. I’ll be back.

UPDATE 14th April:  Bar Council blog now fixed to allow comments…should you be so inclined.

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12 thoughts on “Back to work…back to Law…

  1. Yes… it is puzzling… mind you – do they really need a Cartoon QC and Geeklawyer posting on their blog? I suspect not.

    Enjoyed the exchange between you / Ruthie / Dan… excellent stuff.

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  3. I tried to leave a comment on Tim Kevin’s rather conservative post. My comment would have been rude, offensive, inappropriate and may come back to haunt me in my future career. But fortunately I was not allowed to, so all is well.

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  5. Excellent!

    I find that Geeklawyer’s blog is a good place to visit on a Friday / Saturday night … he may even be posting inspired stuff (in his case – Mead.)

    I was, of course, CB – referring to the fact that I need a breathalyser for my computer on Friday / Saturday… not yo.

  6. If you are referring to the Bar Council blog…. yes…. all a bit puzzling. Fear not, Geeklawyer has asked for a Steward’s Inquiry… by telephoning the Bar Council to advise them of this techno problem!

    If, however, you are on the wrong website… I can’t help you, Mate 🙂

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