Hard core…

Michael K. Brandow is an experienced trial lawyer with more than 16 years experience in Illinois Workers’ Compensation and employer liability matters.

He sure scares me… Website

UPDATE:  It appears that the photograph has been removed from the website as at 10.00 am BST this morning.

And this is also a bit worrying…

“A Swiss man was jailed for 10 years Thursday for insulting Thailand’s revered king by vandalising his portraits during a drunken spree. Oliver Jufer, 57, had pleaded guilty to five counts of lese majeste – the crime of offending the dignity of a sovereign for defacing several portraits of King Bhumibol Adulyadej with spray paint in the northern city of Chiang Mai. He had faced up to 75 years in prison, but the court sentenced him to 20 years and then halved the term because Jufer had confessed.” Story

Let us be thankful our own Monarch is more tolerant and the family diffuses civil unrest by entertaining their subjects….

19 thoughts on “Hard core…

  1. Good grief! “Bend under my cross examination or I will eat your liver fried with garlic and butter”

    I was going to ask if anyone had pointed out to him that he looks deranged – but then, would you tell him?

  2. Followed the link to see Mr Lecter in all his glory on the Brady, Connolly & Masuda web site only to find the picture has been mysteriously “devoured”. Charon QC has too much influence.

  3. Goddamit my comment got truncated: I was about to say …
    astonishingly ugly, with one cure exception (who probably has a fat arse to counter her radiant good looks – I know a female lawyer like that …)

  4. I am not drunk. I am sober – but I felt it right to post randomly on Charon’s blog since he does so on mine. I am not in the mood to be funny or crude however, so I shall be brief.

  5. Ekaterina…. I have just been to your blog. Unfortunately, while I know some wonderful Russians – I do not read or speak Russian… Welcome … I hope you will return.

    Geeklawyer is always welcome on my blog – he is correct in his assertion that I tend to post on his blog in a random and surreal manner… In fact… now that I have returned and I just happen to have a a glass of Rioja to hand… I may well saunter over and see if I am able to contribute to the debate on Geeklawyer’s blog.

    Also… Geeklawyer has invited me to give a speech… a ‘keynote’ speech at the first UK Bloggers Conferene… which I am very much looking forard to. I am not sure what outfit I should choose for this event.

    Employment Law, Ekaterina… Yes…. I know three well known Silks who specialise in Employment (I worked with them some years ago in a different life) … clever people, balanced, sensible. I suspect that Intellectual Property lawyers may well be in the Top Ten for eccentric behaviour… especially if they have a background in Physics.

    EXLEX… the pic of Stavropolous has gone… this is the message received when I clicked on the link: “The system cannot find the file specified.”

    Geeklawyer… all this running and abstinence…. Well done. Has it done you any good. I do notice that you seem to be posting on interesting legal matters. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book?

    For my part, as a Dworkinian atheiest… or, at best, a pantheist with a taste for three roman gods… it is unlikely that I’ll be celebrating Easter…. I may have a glass of Rioja… and…who knows… I may throw some Easter eggs into my garden when I am sober and see if I can find them the next night when I am over refreshed..

  6. I do have an English blog as well, although it’s very much ‘work in progress’ at the moment!

    On a totally unrelated matter, having read you ‘About’ section, may I ask why don’t you practice?

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  8. Ekaterina…

    Regrets… I’ve had a few… too few to mention.

    I spent some time in Africa after school… and returned with two thoughts in mind. To be a surgeon or a lawyer. Unfortunately, I made the wrong decision…. Law is fascinating…. I went into teaching, into legal education…. …. and I have enjoyed most of it.

    I have had the good fortune to do many things… and…. as my heart is in perfect working order because of the red wine… I hope I will have time to do more ‘things’.

    It is probably just as well that I am not a surgeon – although I stitch up my own wounds when occasion demands. Do not visit a hospital unless you want to be really ill. They are full of sick people.

    Ekaterina…. PS… when your English version is available… please let me know… I’ll put it into my blogroll.

  9. Your English version is on the blogroll… I am interested in (and have taught / still teach when it suits me) Contract, Commercial, Jurisprudence and Human Rights….But I keep up in Conflict of Laws, The Law of war… and enjoy reading about criminal Law, but profess no expertise in the latter.

    The rest (mainstream legal subjects)… I do my best to keep vaguely up to date / interested in (apart from land Law) …but do not delve into the literature that often.

    Land Law is for enthusiasts.. See Legal Scribbles….

  10. I found Land Law and Commercial Property the most interesting subjects yet. Although I suppose it’s much easier in theory than it is in practice…

    Thanks for linking 🙂

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