Barrister ‘A’: Ego nolo caesar esse…

The Diary of Barrister A: Tuesday 27th February 07

I have set my life upon a cast,
And I will stand the hazard of the die.
Richard III, 5. 4

I have made my position clear. I do not want to be Caesar and – in so asserting; at once, I relieve the minds and emotions of others who might seek to thwart my ambition.

I read in The Sun today a comment by Jon Gaunt ” PERMA-TANNED Peter Hain accused Rory Bremner of “breeding cyncicism” in politics and of politicians and says he has kept to his principles and is proud of what he has done.” This quotation allowed Gaunt to dig deep into his political knowledge… I quote: “Oh yeah, Peter you and your miserable shower are really principled aren’t you? There’s Prescott humping anything with a pulse. Michael Meacher the real socialist with EIGHT houses. The dodgy dossier, need I say more?”

I ring Danielle to ask if we have EIGHT houses. We don’t.

2 thoughts on “Barrister ‘A’: Ego nolo caesar esse…

  1. Hain’s reflexive response amounts to little more than a condemnation of what he and others from the same political gene-pool propagate every time they speak! ‘Cynic’ and ‘cynicism’ are simply pejorative terms which were once used a great deal by the Soviet Newspapers; ‘Pravda’ and ‘Izvestia’ to denigrate any accurate observation of a cynical state of affairs. Terms used by Hain and his party generally end with the suffix: “ist” or “phobic” for much the same purpose – to shut down rational analysis and stifle debate on the part of those who would prefer hide in terror of being branded by them!

    Hain’s use of the term in it’s pejorative sense is as ineffectual and meaningless as he is!

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