After a run of bad luck (Motorbike accident with nasty injuries, tree hitting my house and tearing down all the phone lines, and falling down the stairs; breaking three toes) I have been telling people that I must have broken a mirror recently or at some point in my past.

Here is a mirror breaking story from Ananova to beat them all.

“A 2,500-year-old mirror worth £500,000 was dropped and smashed on a Chinese TV show. A model was showing the ancient mirror to the audience when it slipped from her hands and fell to the floor. It shattered into pieces, shocking the audience – especially owner Chen Fengjiu who was sitting in the front row.”

The show was stopped. The owner has not sued…yet.


The PI Brief Update Journal has decided to continue publishing my monthly column (First report) for them. I have declined an invitation to Canary Wharf, in case I fall out of the window – but, I suspect that I will have to do something fairly spectacular in terms of personal injury to repeat a report on the theme of personal injury. I have to ‘file’ my next monthly report by the 6th February. I am seeking inspiration. Any ideas on what I could write about?

One thought on “Mirror…mirror…

  1. In Ancient China, mirrors were not made of silvered glass as they are today, they were discs of highly polished metal, the mirror in question must have been very very fragile to shatter into pieces. I’ve seen lots of very old chinese mirrors and none of them would do so. Anyhoo – I would think that the young lady who dropped it is in deep, deep poo – her 1000 years of bad luck have begun and any decendents are doomed.
    BTW thanks for kind email.

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