Caption Competition sponsored by The Carbolic Smokeball Company!…

The Carbolic Smokeball Company has generously agreed to provide the prize for my latest caption competition. If you win, you will be given the barrister figurine pictured, a tasteful addition to any desk or bookshelf.

Have a look at The Carbolic Smokeball Company website – a surprising amount of ‘legalabilia’.

Consilio will also provide a prize – a CD on Advocacy in Modern Legal Practice by Jonathan Goldberg QC – an excellent series of films on advocacy by a leading Silk (CPD 3 Hours – if you are a practitioner)

Here is the picture for the latest competition which will run for about 10-14 days.

A picture of John Reid – quite a challenging picture for the caption competition this month…

9 thoughts on “Caption Competition sponsored by The Carbolic Smokeball Company!…

  1. Listen Jimmy, ah dinna care whit yoo say aboot asylum and immigration,prison overcrowding and dangerous ‘head the balls’ being let oot o Jail too early! I’m telling yoo that when I was Defence Secretary, these SA 80 Assault Rifles were the bloody ‘Bees Knees’ now bugger off and talk to Des Brown before I give ye a Glasgow Kiss ya Bastard!

  2. “So I’d like to introduce the solution to the ineffectiveness of ASBOs. See this here is the SUPA-ASBO. Just line them up against the wall and… blam! No more hoodies. Bang! No more yobs, skateboarders, car thieves or teenagers. And…” *BANG!* “Ooops! Uhh, no more journalists either.”

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