Student round up….

I thought it was time for me to post info which may be useful to law students

From Legal Week: The College of Law’s Legal Practice Course (LPC) has been given the Law Society’s top grade in all five of its centres around the UK. The College’s centres in Birmingham, Chester, Guildford, London and York each received a ‘commendable’ practice grade for all six assessed areas of the LPC. The ranking follows a series of three-day visits by the Law Society, which have taken place over the last three months.

From Consilio: The popular revision course from Consilio is being run in April and May: Details 

From The Bar Council: Warning on E-Mail scams: “It has come to our attention that barristers’ names are being used to front email scams and other scams. This is being done without the barristers’ consent or knowledge. If you receive an e-mail of this sort purporting to come in the name of a barrister with whom you have had no dealings, or with whom you are not expecting to have dealings, you are probably best advised to ignore it or to check directly with that barrister’s chambers. The Bar Council can take no responsibility for such matters. The fact that barristers’ names are being used in this way has been reported to the police.”

I’m afraid quite a few reputable organisations and individuals are being used in this way.  I am tired of getting emails puporting to be me from spammers who use my email address as a front! Welcome to the net.

It might be a good idea to keep an eye out on Consilio for the next week.  The Lobster is returning with prizes  and I will shortly be announcing the wnner of the january caption Competition – and posting the February competition.

One thought on “Student round up….

  1. The ‘Barrister’s letter’ scam is not new. I came across a similar version of it about five or six years ago doing voluntary work for SSAFA.

    I dealt with a number of these. Debt collectors would send out ‘in terrorum’ letters on genuine solicitors headed stationery threatening the ritual disembowelment of some hapless grieving war-widow whose husband had recently been vapourised by Semtex or suffered a terminally high velocity headache.

    When the hapless and terrified victim rang the solicitor, she would be re-routed by the solicitor’s secretary directly to the debt collector while the ‘conned’ debtor prostrated herself before what she wrongly thought was a bona fide upstanding officer of the court!

    The solicitor would be paid a ‘retainer’ by the debt collecting agency for the use of the stationery and would pocket the cash!

    Of course, by all means take the Bar Council’s advice and ring the barrister’s chambers and be routed by the Clerk straight through to your local thug!

    You can soon ‘tumble’ these ‘Mongs’ by talking basic contract law. I caught my first one out by arguing that the debtor disputed the amount owed in respect of an exotic sex aid from Anne Summers called a ‘Car Bollock Smoke Ball!

    The Bar Association are orbiting planet bloody Zanusi!

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