Maybe I should be a personal injury lawyer!…

Shortly before Christmas I was invited by Tim Kevan to write a short piece each month for the Personal Injury Brief Update Law Journal.

Relieved that I did not have to dig out the law books (Tim confirmed that he did not actually want me to write about the law) I agreed to do this.  In fact, I am delighted to be published in this serious law journal.Having had a motorbike crash with injuries and a blood infection following medical treatment for same,  and now, having broken three toes on my left foot (Below), I feel well qualified to write for such a journal

Yesterday, I added to my collection of recent mishaps by falling down the stars.  For the avoidance of doubt, I was sober.  It was 11.30 in the morning.  My stairs are steep and I simply missed my footing.  Unfortunately I landed on my left big toe and have now broken that toe and the two adjacent toes.  Not a great start to the year – but in the face of adversity, one shall prevail.  I should soon be quite expert on medical matters! I shall hobble to The Bollo which is but 100 yards away for sustenance tonight and, of course, a glass or two or Rioja to dull the pain.  Broken toes are astonishingly painful, I have discovered.

15 thoughts on “Maybe I should be a personal injury lawyer!…

  1. After reading about your toe mishap, I am beginning to wonder if foot injury is a good or a bad sign for this year. If it makes you feel any better, twisting one’s ankle, like I did, right at the start of the year, is just as painful, if not worse! Hope you feel better.

  2. I put it to you that when you say that no drink had been taken prior to the incident that you are in fact misleading the jury. I suggest to you that you are mistaken in your recollection.
    Is it not well know that you enjoy a glass or two? Do you really expect the jury to believe that a man of your known proclivities was in fact stone cold sober at 11.00 AM on a weekday morning. By your own admission you take post in the Bollo to attend your blog do you not? etc 🙂

  3. Root… I am able to confirm – that at the time of the incident (falling down the stairs) I was sober (It was in the late morning.. as I remember) … rarely drink before 6.30 pm (and then only Rioja… with a bit of grappa on high days and holidays…just for the sake of ‘auld lang syne’ and in remembrance of another ‘alter ego’- of some years ago…. but those days are long gone…)… and I can say, on Sunday, with certainty, that I was rushing to do something and it was an accident.

    Strange… disappointingly so, but true – I may have wished that there was something far more exciting to report….but, not this time. Mea culpa

  4. Thank you Clueless lawyer. I sympathise. I have never had a twisted ankle – but…. I am sure it will only be a matter of time. I really regret those smashed mirrors. The important thing…. never give in… we can hobble along… best wishes for your ankle.

  5. Root…I take full responsibility for falling down the stairs. Your client may rest easy in his/her bed…. I shall not be seekin compenation from third or any other parties. I cannot even find a Danelaw statute to assist me. The writ of Middlesex “Latitat et discurrit’ (He lurks and runs about) will not even assist me on this one. (A bit of legal history to stretch your mind, Root)

    For the avoidance of doubt. It was Sunday morning. I was a bit distracted and I happened to slip on my stairs. There were no third parties involved. I have three broken toes. They will heal. All is well with the world – for the moment. Thank you for your interest and concern – funnily enough, it is appreciated.

  6. Root… Very good riposte! Like it. I was not, of course, suggesting that your mind needed stretching! Very few lawyers bother with legal history – I was merely throwing you a bit of half forgotten knowledge to play with – the idea of a villain lurking and running about has always appealed to me. Please do not consider my comment as in any waysuggesting that your mind needed stretching! – always pleased when viewers take time to trouble to add comments!

    Have a good weekend

  7. On a point of law: would you like to post on the subject of the bench / bar being dewigged?
    The funny thing is in every independent survey it has been shown that the punters love them. I suppose if a miscreant is being weighed of with a tenner (as the say in Derry) it adds gravity to the occasion. 🙂 What do you think.?

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