Policing on the cheap…

I was having an espresso and smoking a Silk Cut when I saw two proper uniformed coppers patrolling Chiswick High Street. They did not have much to do. The burglars were elsewhere in London, the banks were not being robbed and, as far as I could see, all was well in Chiswick. It was, however, good to see them – a rare sighting these days. I said “Good morning” to them as they walked by. They responded in a like manner. It was like the good old days of Dixon of Dock Green – quite unlike the tenor of the story which I picked up on Geeklawyers blog about bomber jacketed thugs acting as private police. Have a look at the story here.

The last thing we need in Britain is untrained, unaccountable, individuals being given police style powers of arrest. I’m not even sure about Community Support Officers being given more power. I am sure there are some decent and honest people who join as CS officers – but the ones I have seen loitering around in West London don’t appear to me to be fit enough to run after pensioners, let alone tackle hoodies and other ASBO collectors.

When the smoking ban comes in on 1st July we will see ‘Smoking Enforcement Officers’ patrolling the pubs, bars and restaurants – driven on, possibly, by incentives, to enforce the letter of the law. Do we need more people with power on our streets? I’d rather see proper coppers on the streets doing these jobs – a possibly curious attitude in this day and age of devolution of power to power crazed local authorities.

3 thoughts on “Policing on the cheap…

  1. What do you mean “smoking a silk-cut”? Are you barmy?

    I thought all sensible people had either given up smoking or were trying to.

    Smokers pong…..no doubt about it…..stink of smoke. Just horrible.

    It’s obvious too when you meet a smoker because their skin has a reptilian like torpor and an unhealthy anti-glow.

    Come on Dear Boy…pack it in…or at least hide the fact that you smoke. It will do wonders for your image….and it will save you having to smother yourself in a cloud of Lynx or Brut spray.

  2. I am a Crocodile Mr Pineapples – so I would expect to have a reptilian skin. I do suffer from torpor until the sun warms me up. All the other crocodiles at the watering holes I frequent smoke… except three and they are ex-smokers.

    My time will come.

  3. Good answer.

    BUT – the smokers inflict their habits on us healthy and moral folks. For example – this Friday I took my two lads (age 12 and 14) to a boxing tournament (an entirely healthy and moral sport). I got there at 7 for an 8 oclock start. We are boxers in our family.

    But do you know what……there were at least 10 smokers in the congregation…and by 8 oclock me and the nippers had head aches and felt queasy.

    That cant be right can it?

    And what’s more: my clothes stank of smoke the next day.

    I cannot wait unti 1 July. I will sign up to join the ranks of the smoke patrol. I am sure we will get a uniform, because we will play an important role in society.


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