If any of you are contemplating a career at the Bar… try Pupilblog

Interesting and amusing… a new blog, but it looks good, providing an insight into the early days at the Bar!

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  1. Charon,

    Thanks for the update about Pupilblog. I can’t stop reading it!! Was keen to give you the exclusive about a venture of my own. The editors of Consilio haven’t really got back to me – but I’m keen to get your advice.

    I’m proposing to set up a student led online e-community of ALL UK law students and young professionals (not as a competitor to Consilio – but as an extension of what could be a valuable resource for all law students and potential business). I’ve attached the website for the group (which already has near 900 people interested so it must be a good idea!!) and here’s the opening to our mission statement. What do you think????????????


    A group for all undergrads, postgrads, vocational stage, pupillage, trainee and recently qualified young professionals and law students in UK.

    This is a SOLO led project. In additon, we are not affiliated with any UK universities, law school establishments, law societies, firms, chambers, Inns and consultancy’s here in UK. We created this group to build an massed e-community of next generation legal professionals providing an initial contact base before launching a FREE ONLINE MAGAZINE/ E-FORUM for students/young professionals at all stages based in UK.


    1. Establishing the UK’s first e-community of law students
    2. To launch an ONLINE MAGAZINE for ALL UK NATIONAL law students – compiling the best events, enormous contacts base, hints and tips and advice on a career in law, in addition to those in pupillage and training contracts sharing their experiences and building their own networks. Let’s share people.
    3. LAUNCH: Late 2007


    2. To develop a NATIONAL INTERACTIVE BLOGGING capabilty for online magazine venture. In short, this will enable its readers to contribute to online debates and analysis of current legal news as well as upload online journals or ‘blogs’ in order to share our experiences, thus establishing the UK’s 1st e-community for young & modern lawyers.

    Please sign up to FACEBOOK and get involved. We would really appreciate your comments – plus there’s the opportunity that you could be our star blogger on the magazine. Fancy it???

    Kind regards,

    Miss H

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