Caption competition…

Mildly depressed (Cricket!)…I have decided to amuse myself by having a caption competition.

I’m afraid, for practitioners, there are no prizes… just a signed picture of me which I will email to you in the best WebCameron style… – anyway, you are earning good money, hopefully. But if a law student comes up with the best caption – Consilio will send them a password to access a set of recorded lectures of their choice from: Criminal, Contract, Constitutional, Tort, Equity, Land Law or EU Law. (I will post an email address you can write to if you are ‘the chosen one’.)

OK. OK… if a practitioner wins I’ll let them have a set of recorded lectures as well. You can give it away as a Christmas present!

These are my ‘attempts’ at a suitable caption:

“Not today, Vicar…not here!”

“You may kiss the gold digger”

“Oh darling… how romantic of you to tear up the pre-nuptial…on this special day. Thank you.”

How to win:

1. Post your caption in the comments section below

2. If you win…simply phone Mike Semple Piggot on 020 8742 1357 if you are the winner – He will assume you are who you say you are and send you the password. You can tell him which set of lectures you would like. or I’ll post an email address – in fact you can email Mike if you are the winner :

3. Come up with the best caption… my opinion…no appeals, no judicial review… I am the sole judge and I’m not shagging a brazilian cleaner.

(Hopefully..some of you may enjoy a few glasses of red this weekend and feel inspired… so I’ll post the notice about The Winner on Tuesday.. (ish) On the other hand, if no-one can be bothered… I’ll be even more depressed ! )

21 thoughts on “Caption competition…

  1. Hah! Keep smiling fool, I now have access to Sections 23- 25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 (as amended), your house and your pension plan!

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  3. Man: “Darling, I hope you packed some Listrine for tonight…”
    Woman: “Don’t be silly, I used your credit card to pay for my dentist to travel with us to the Maldives”.

  4. Her: Look into my eyes.
    You are getting sleepy.
    Your eyelids are getting heavy.
    Now when you wake up, every time I say ‘how much’ you will hand me your credit card and say ‘your worth every penny’.

  5. The fool. He married me because I told him I’d read up on good housekeeping. Forgot to tell him it was Zsa Zsa Gabor’s autobiography.

  6. She says…

    “Cheer up, honey, being married won’t be so bad once you’re used to it! Just do exactly what I tell you and we’ll get along just fine!”

    PS Are we limited to 1 try only?

  7. Ivy, suck it and see!

    Political correctness DISCLAIMER!

    ‘Suck it and see’ is a colloquialism which refers to taking a risk. It should be made clear that this does not refer to fellatio neither is it suggested that this is a conversation, real or imagined as to that which transpireS between the two carbon-based bipedal life forms (humans) depicted in the photograph.

    If my response has caused offence to those who are married or about to be married, or who are contemplating marriage, I sincerely apologise to anyone who has, or who might take offence at my comments!

    Apart from that


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