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Well.. here I am… enjoying a Silk Cut, a glass of Rioja and wondering what to write about…

First, I think a little bit of comment on the law. You may recall, yesterday, that I wrote about the 17074 complaints against solicitors. I was contacted by Law Society Press Officer, Bob Walker. He was most helpful. Briefly… he told me that in the past the Customer Complaints Service was fairly low profile and ‘none too pro-active’ – the members, who paid for the service, not surprisingly, being none to’ keen about ‘paying the staff of ‘their’ service to investigate themselves. Now, of course, the soon to be re-named service is / is going Independent following recent reform legislation The Complaints service is now very much more pro-active. This and the Miner’s claim accounts for a rise in complaints. The Service placed an advert asking people to write in about difficulties in connection with Miner’s compensation. Bob has agreed to follow up on my call with some detailed statistics about the type and seriousness of the complaints as these stats are readily available. I was impressed with his preparedness to assist with this. I do think it only fair and reasonable that if statistics are to be bandied about in the Press, that the authors of such pieces should provide more detail. As soon as I receive the info from Bob – I will pass it on.

“Hit the young with alco-pop tax – Minister “ The Guardian
Worries about teenage binge drinkers prompt Hewitt to write to Treasury. Hewitt is worried about the binge drinking by young people and has asked The Chancellor to ‘ratchet up’ the tax. The Treasury don’t seem to be that keen – because it would mean taxing all spirits – which may not be a popular move.

It does seem illogical to put the tax up on alco-pops, but leave other spirits unaffacted. Young people might be getting addled brains from juicing too much on Fridays, Saturdays..and possibly a few other nights… but they aren’t stupid. They will soon work out that it may be cheaper to go straight for the hard stuff if alco-pops are taxed.

For my part… I shall, hopefully, continue drinking Rioja, in measured amounts ( a glass at a time) without feeling the need to park pavement pizzas, fall over, or make a nuisance of myself in the High Street at chucking out time… Is it really a new problem?

I see some pretty bizarre things on the web…but here is a hairy email service for the friend in your life who has everything… try it?

3 thoughts on “All work?….

  1. Fur goodness sake – I was a hairs breadth from sending a hairy email to a cute icle friend. However I decided, in the mane, that it was a blonde moment. Recently she has had a brush with danger in High Barnet, a few feet nearer the edge and she might have dyed. It was a close shave, I am glad that we can now mullet over and laugh. Nevertheless there are one or two new white strands by her temple.

    At a snip, a bit of shaggy story, assisted by Bob.

  2. “Hello Gordon, Tony here, Wizard Wheeze of an idea of yours Chancellor. Lets give the Chavs all-day drinking, then after a six or seven months or so, tax the little bleeders because we’re ‘concerned’ for their health! We then ‘rake’ in the extra revenue for the Treasury.

    Do you think it will work as well by convincing the peasants to save energy and money and increase the value of their homes by installing double-glazing and then later revaluing their property for council tax purposes?”

    Sorry Gordon, a carbon emission tax on PC’s TV’s and other electrical appliances will have to wait until we’ve rigged the election for our fourth term.


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