Robust stuff from Family Lore…

I don’t often consider Family Law matters – my days of running up the aisles are over (But…never say never, again ?)

An excellent piece from John Bolch on his Family Lore blog. I quote to give you a flavour:

“….. Firstly, celebrity lawyer Raymond Tooth is quoted as saying: “A rich man in my view should not marry a poor woman. If he does, then he must have a pre-nuptial agreement”. Fair enough, advise a client to enter into a pre-nuptial, but did he really say a rich man should not marry a poor woman? Is he really so materialistic that he considers that wealth, or lack of it, should determine whether two parties marry? I find such a concept as abhorrent as the nonsense that someone from one religious or ethnic background should not marry anyone from a different background. “

Here is the full story – well worth a read even if you have no interest in Family Law.

One thought on “Robust stuff from Family Lore…

  1. Fmaily Law is that of interest to me but in my views i think it is ridiculous for someone to suggest something like that. In a case like this i wont advice my client to draw up a pre- nuptial agreement. You never know what they have said in the bedroom, and much more you might lose your client when she found out your advice to her would-be husband. I believe religion should not be an issue in choosing a partner.

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