Idiotic enforcement of law….

“Environmentalists yesterday criticised a council for prosecuting a man who put the wrong kind of rubbish into a recycling bag. Friends of the Earth said the case of Michael Reeves, who has been ordered to pay £200 for putting a single sheet of paper in a bag reserved for glass and tin, could put others off recycling.”

The Guardian 19th October

This is absurd. Friends of The Earth Cymru even think it is absurd… their spokesman Julian Rosser said: “I feel a case like this can really damage recycling.”

One can understand local authorities who have warned persistent offenders several times finally losing patience and bringing a prosecution but to mount a case against a first time offender (who denies he put a piece of paper in the wrong bag) is clearly unfair and, frankly, “un-British”. No wonder we are concerned when The Lord Protector and his enforcer, John “Witchfinder” Reid want to give a whole raft of busybodies power to issue fixed penalty tickets. I do my best to recycle – largely by not actually buying any food and eating out. I find it relatively easy to put empty Rioja bottles in the Green box provided by my Council. This action by a Council in Swansea is hardly likely to encourage local residents to recycle.

3 thoughts on “Idiotic enforcement of law….

  1. It is yet another ‘stealth tax’ following on from the successful speed cameras.

    ‘Nice little earner’ for your local authority.

    The first Local Authority Nazi official snooping around my dustbin area gets a size 9 boot and a pick-axe handle as a trespasser and reasonably suspected Identity Thief before he even gets the chance to flash his ID at me!

    Once he does flash his ID I will apologise profusely, take my boot of his head and call an ambulance to take him to A&E.

    I would like to see these spineless ‘Gits’ try it on with residents of Mosside, Broadwater Farm and other areas in Manchester or Liverpool where even the Rottweilers patrol in pairs!


  2. Do these tickets carry a right of appeal to a Mags’ Court? If they do, I think that the bench might know what to make of it. One of my few pleasures in life is binning crap prosecutions like this.

  3. Bystander JP – I really do hope that you and your colleagues will enjoy dealing with idiocy like this. I saw your “I told you so” post – which inspired my brief comment.

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