You are the future now…make the most of it

I spent an hour this afternoon listening to The Lord Protector give his final address to the faithful. The BBC and leading newspapers will cover this far better than any non-political blogger will, so I make no comment about the detail of the content.

It was a tour de force, a classic speech, well written, precise, composed and delivered with passion and style. Blair, always good with humour, was able to inspire with his words, was able to stress the positive aspects of ten years of Labour rule, accept that others may disagree with some of his policies and yet avoid falling into controversy about Iraq. He even managed, deftly, to endorse Brown without endorsing him as the next leader.

Whatever your view of Blair, whatever your politics… if you are just about to start reading law, or are part of the way through your studies – may I urge you, without actually advising you, to read his speech, or even better… it on the net. It contains much for the lawyer as a communicator, much for the lawyer as an advocate and persuader. I found the speech impressive.

But… are we seeing, played out before us, in terms of succession and a departing leader… MacBeth, King Lear, Coriolanus or Richard II. ?

4 thoughts on “You are the future now…make the most of it

  1. Blair is brilliant. He misused his skill. Reflect how many broken lives and dead children he has procured by his deception. To hear the Labour party cheering him to the rafters tells you a lot about their instincts. Is that clear enough, Mr. Rouse?

  2. The man is an egotistical self-centered tyrant and personally I would prefer to judge his 9 years in office rather than any transient valedictory speech he or his speechwriters choose to wordcraft.

    Parliament a rubber stamp, disastrous war, social inequality as bad, if not worse than it was under the Tories, civil liberties a joke, Britain’s authority in the world demeaned, the UK under a permanent state of emergency – yeah, I am sure the man has secured his place in history alright!

    Didn’t hear any of that in his so-called ‘speech’!

    Good riddance to the man, said in the knowledge that it is doubtful his successor to the throne of England will behave any better!

    Blair will now be on the lecture circuit, the chat shows, the official dinners and colour supplements making a ‘mint’- done alright for himself hasn’t he!

  3. James – said with verve and stylke. You will note that I did not express a view on his content – merely the delivery !

    The speech itself was well delievered – a lesson in persuasion? Advocacy?

    Thanks for the robust comment – I hope others will follow!

  4. Blair is a clever politician. He knows his audience. He understands what makes the audience tick and how to get an applause. But there is a world of difference between theatre and reality. Blair is a master on stage but merely an onlooker in “real politik”.

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