I picked up the ‘Nearly Legal’ blog from Binary Law – and I am glad I did.  There is an interesting article on the subject of blog anonymity. For years I have been deluding myself that my alter ego as Charon QC was heavily masked – but as my blog became slightly better known, a number of other blogs gave the game away.  It does not trouble me – but for the sake of continuing self delusion, I continue to pretend that I am, in fact, Charon – when I write on here.

2 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. Thanks for the cite and interest. I must admit I wasn’t aware that you had been exposed, so now, on principle, I’m not looking to find out what was laid bare. There remains an online backwater where you are solely Charon QC.

    Of course, there is also cowardice behind anonymity, which I didn’t put in the post, but I hope that is one of the lesser reasons.

  2. There was nothing to expose – it was my ‘delusion.’ I just enjoyed the idea that I might, qua, Charon, enjoy a different ID. It was not that difficult to work it out..and I would not wish anyone to think that my fellow bloggers had ‘exposed’ me.

    My only problem, as I may have observed before – is that I seem to be closer to my alter ego these days than myself… a touch of the id and the ego? But it is August… and, a particularly rainy August it is.

    My blog does not seek anonymity…unlike the tory who has written ‘Unzipped”….but maybe he/she doesn’t either…. !

    However..those who wrote to me today to suggst that I may be John Reid…are way off the mark. The five people who suggested, in their emails, that I may be Prince Charles are obviously eating too much produce from Highgrove… and need professional help.

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