It is getting serious..when the serious get you!…

I visit Human Law regularly – because the blogger (Justin Patten) knows what he is talking about – and is a well known blogger. I am not given to vanity (although I do appreciate mentions from fellow bloggers – and appreciate the camaraderie of the blawg world) However….
I spilt my espresso all over my desk when I saw a pic of myself staring out at me from his serious blog! This is what Justin Patten wrote about this blawg : …. Charon is a prolific poster of content, sometimes eccentric but clearly shows a razor sharp mind. It is well worth a look.

Editorial comment: I feel certain that Justin meant to say ‘Rioja sharp’ (I have been blawging nonsense for 4 years – but using html on the Consilio magazine. This new technology version is recent.)

Reading his blog has already yielded benefits for me. On his blog roll, Charon refers to the management consultant,Nick Jarrett-Kerr – As a result of this, I called Nick up and we subsequently had a meeting in London.

Editorial comment: I know Nick Jarrett-Kerr well. His management course available from The Legal Practitioner is a serious course and – cheap. He is also an innovative thinker. A lot of solicitors would benefit from talking to Nick J-K. Thanks for the recommendation, Justin.

2 thoughts on “It is getting serious..when the serious get you!…

  1. No chance !… Blogging keeps me sane… I have no idea what it does for others! One does, however, meet some very interesting people through blogging!

    Ironically… I did astronomy as an option at university many years ago… and always took the view that Charon was a binary planet, rather than a moon. (Not my thought – received wisdom from a very clever astrophysicist who taught me and went on to do great things in her world)  Mind you.  The planet..however, was not the inspiration for my nom de plume…that was, very definitely, the ferryman.  Wikipedia has the answer for Charon

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