Rollonfriday has a beauty this week…

I visited RollonFriday, as I do from time to time, and found this marvellous nonsense on their news. This guy would enjoy talking to my brother ‘RD’. They would get on well. The Professor – does not do emails. I may well email him – through the faculty.  I may even call him to read my blawg to him.  You will note that The professor ‘likes for people to come and read things to (him)’. If you wish to see Prof Wexler – here is his page on UBC. Excellent nonsense. I must, however, adopt the comment ‘My mind is like a samurai sword. If I read e-mail, it will dull my blade”

I have just seen the learned prof’s personal webpage. Come to think of it – I think we need more academics like this. Quite enjoyed his webpage – not much on it – but worth a look

Below is the reason (from his own web page) why he does not do email

Steve Wexler
Associate Professor of Law
University of British Columbia

I do not do e-mail.

You may phone me at:
604 822 2194 or 604 228 8953

Write to me at:
UBC Faculty of Law,
1822 East Mall,
Vancouver, B.C.
V6T 1Z1

Come see me at:
Room 240, law school

I do not do e-mail because what I do as an intellectual requires me to read things very carefully and think about them very hard. My mind is like a samurai’s sword. If I read e-mail, I will dull my blade. I am very selective about what I read and would much rather talk to people than read. I like for people to come and read things to me. Then I can talk to them about what they have read. “Chatting” on line is not what I mean by talking.

6 thoughts on “Rollonfriday has a beauty this week…

  1. Nick…receiving a phone call from you at anytime, but particularly when you have been drinking your Rioja, would dull anyone’s mind. I do hope you remember that it is my birthday soon. Send cheque at your earliest convenience. No need for card, this year



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