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Canadian lesbian marriage not recognised marriage in UK

Celia Kitzinger and Sue Wilkinson, of North Yorkshire, were married in Vancouver in 2003. the High Court has declined to recognise their marriage in the UK. Sir Mark Potter, President of The Family Division is reported by the BBC as saying that the couple faced “an insurmountable hurdle” in trying to have a same-sex marriage recognised in English law. Their marriage, could, however, be recognised under The Civil Partnerships Act which confers the same legal rights enjoyed by married couples.

Is it really such an affront to traditional marriage for gay and lesbian couples to be denied a traditional marriage? Turning the argument around – if the parties are not deeply religious, is it such an affront to them to be denied a traditional Christian marriage ? (I make no reference to other religions in this piece, simply because I am not qualified to do so). British churches are full of marrying couples whose devotion to Christianity is, at best, shortlived and, I suspect, tenuous. Who is better in the eyes of God – a very devout gay or lesbian couple or a man and woman who have no real interest in or understanding of christianity ?

Tony Blair accused of conflict of interst in Cliff Richard copyright matter
When I was eight years of age, I thought The Shadows were pretty good (Charon is 53) and, of course, Cliff Richard was a mainstay of the pop scene then. I soon moved on to more radical musicians – Hendrix, Cream, Led Zep, The Doors, The Stones etc etc.

Tony Blair is a friend of Cliff Richard. He has stayed in Cliff’s villa. Now The Telegraph thunders that Tony has a conflict of interest, having stayed in Cliff’s villa, by lobbying for a change to rules that could stop Cliff and other artists receiving royalties from their old hits. There is a 70 year rule in other countries – why not UK? Charon, is not an expert on copyright – but maybe Geeklawyer could assist here – as he is?

The Telegraph reports…“Norman Baker, the Lib Dem MP for Lewes, said: “The Prime Minister has crippled himself by accepting hospitality from someone with a vested interest in Government policy.”

I’m no great fan of Lord Protector Blair and his war policy – but, on this one, I can’t really see why the PM should not support a proposition or lobby for a policy to allow those who are creative (even if it does include someone he knows) from enjoying financial benefits for a longer period. We know there is a witch hunt for Blair – but this strikes me as trying to find trouble where there is no trouble. Well…at least it gave the Lib-Dem and Tory spokesmen something to say. If I was the ‘Umpire’ here – I would say “Not out”. I would not raise my index finger to signify dismissal on the facts as presented in The Telegraph article. I will, of course, declare a conflict of interest myself – as the organisation for which I write this blawg are publishers and course providers Consilio / The Legal Practitioner / LawinaBox. I do have some sympathy with protection of copyright. We get ripped off occasionally – but when SPR finds it, they do tend to act.

This is what SPR did when they found a pirate selling LawinaBox CDs on Ebay One doesn’t always need to be heavy and resort to law! Am I preaching heresy again?

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  1. Re: Lesbian marriage.
    I read about this case in the Liberty newsletter. I have some sympathy with the couple concerned. It seems to me that for the non-religious (about 90% of the British population) a civil partnership has an identical meaning and significance to a marriage. Although weddings conducted in registry offices between heterosexuals are called marriages they are in effect also civil partnerships. The argument of the couple is stronger if they have a religious belief however it seems that whilst the Anglian Church remains “conflicted” in respect to its attitude to homosexuality they will be facing an uphill struggle in this country.

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