Here is an internet generated painting based on my name, my favourite colour, my emotional state at the time (crazy) and a host of other asinine questions. I have printed it out. Not a great painting – but these net technologies provide a little amusement for me. Get your own painting?

Malaysia draws up a list of unsuitable names for children. Yes – they have finally done it. Read the story here

Malaysia is a very sophisticated country. I know it well and like both the country and Malaysians. I can see what they are trying to do. Malaysia is made up of many cultures and races, but the predominant sections are: Malay, Chinese and Indian. I quote from the article
“Among the Malays, names such as Zani — which means male adulterer, and Woti — sexual intercourse, were banned, the report said.

For Indians, Karrupan, which means black fellow, is equally as taboo as are names which denote “fair skin,” such as Sivappi and Vellayan, it said.

Jainisah said parents could not name their babies after colours, animals, insects, fruits or vegetables. In the past, some in the Chinese community gave their children inauspicious names believing it would ward off evil spirits and bad luck. Now, names such as Ah Kow — dog in the Cantonese dialect, or Ah Gong — unsound mind, are prohibited. Other Chinese names on the banned list included Chow Tow and Sum Seng which mean smelly head and gangster respectivel”

From RollonFriday.coma story that Shoesmiths have elves on their staff

Good stuff. As RollonFriday say “recreational drugs in the water cooler?”

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  1. I’m from Malaysia and honestly, not everyone was happy with this ruling but so far few have protested. I guess that most people would be rather thankful that they are not landed with some weird name. Especially Chinese because a slight change in tones can give a totally different meaning to the name. (Mine given a twist would mean something like ‘pretty prawn’.)

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