Allow me to introduce you to….

My older brother.. Professor R D Charon LLB, MA, Ph.d

Yes… it is difficult when one stands in the shadow of talent. It nearly ruined my life. “RD” does in fact know some law and maintains to this day that I may have been better suited to a career with the Metropolitan Police as a Constable. RD spent most of his life writing books which no-one reads and teaching students. He also managed to spend a fair bit of time trying to subvert Heads of Department, Deans and Vice Chancellors. He did, in fact, become Dean of an undistinguished law school and it is best, perhaps, that we do not identify this institution. You may, therefore, take it, that no UK or other university will be identifiable from his ‘musings’. The same will apply to those colleagues he worked with who he will, undoubtedly, be merciless about.

I have asked “RD” (Not even I know his first name.) to assist me with my blawg by commenting on matters to do with legal education.

6 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce you to….

  1. My brother is a dilettante. Facilius est multa facere quam diu – It is easier to do many things than to do one for a long time. I fear he will depart like a wraith – just as he arrived. But one never knows. He may stay the course

    Ruth-coli! – excellent 🙂

  2. Ruth-coli!!! What are you blethering about Geeklawyer? I’m sure deep down you know that my contribution to your site is invaluable. Lucky I came on here otherwise I might have missed that. And I just realised…you can’t censor me here [evil laugh]. The electronic redaction will all be down to Charon.

  3. Interdiction ..redaction…and what do we call it when the US military take people through our airports and take them to Guantanamo ?

    I like the “Ruth-coli”…

  4. Extraordinary rendition apparently. Redaction is what lawyers do to jury bundles to protect the identity of informants. Censorship is what oppressive governments do to the press.

    I wonder if there is an adjective to describe the act of giving an offensive activity an innocuous or incomprehensible name to reduce the tendancy of the activity to offend?

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