Anonymous Lawyer…. the book

Delighted after receiving an email from ‘x’@anonymous lawyer to give a fellow blogger a bit of publicity. He has a book coming out.  Check out the law firm – address below. 

I’ll let his email do the talking…also…I am being lazy after a long day…

FROM: Anonymous Lawyer
TO: All partners, associates, e-mail correspondents, support slaves
RE: Required reading

Announcing a temporary change to the firm’s long-standing policy that employees are not allowed to read anything besides lease agreements.

Anonymous Lawyer: A Novel hits stores today, July 25th, and is also available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, or your favorite on-line retailer. No, not that one. I mean the one that sells books.

Barnes & Noble:

In the novel, Anonymous Lawyer sets out on a quest to eliminate his biggest rival, The Jerk, and become chairman of the firm — while dealing with incompetent associates, his spendthrift wife, and the inner torment deep in his soul. Very deep. It’s not a compilation of blog posts. That would be like double-billing a client. And we never double-bill clients. Okay, we do, but not this time. New material.

USA Today calls the book “wickedly amusing,” Publishers Weekly calls it “side-achingly funny,” the New York Post gives it 4 stars out of 4, and my grandmother really loves it too.

We’ll also be needing you to work this weekend on a memo for a case we’ve already settled, and there’s a typo somewhere in the tax code that we need you to find. Thanks.

Back to work,
Anonymous Lawyer

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